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12 November 2011 @ 03:58 am
Goriki Ayame : [11月07日] - I had fun( ´∀`)☆  

apparently,Ayame was in Waratte iitomo's telephone shocking :D


Safe! Telephone shocking☆
It's over (T_T)☆

I really had so much fun(´∀`)♪

But..i don't remember what i said ( ̄▽ ̄) lol

I was too nervous~(TT) lol

Thanks to your support (`・ω・)☆
Thank you so much (*^_^*)★

Tamori-san is really nice too (*´∇`*)☆
I really enjoy it after all

1/100 survey..
umm,too bad ( ́・ω・`)  

Probably,Goriki-san was at Kyushu (´-ω-`) [i don't get this part.. sorry D|]

Well,if i could revenge that would be good ( ´∀`) lol

Till then (`∀´)

See you again (^^)♪