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17 March 2012 @ 07:25 am

Mariya (finally) blogged about graduation;which held on March 15th. She did mentioned about transferring to new school~

During this three years,though that i was hit with various emotions,i think it's an important proof of my life.
Mariya talked about Japan's condition and what she wants to do as a part of the society.
A rather serious topic,indeed. and she mentioned about graduating too,but it is not the main point of the entry~

One year has passed,how do everyone face it?

translating this a bit late,i didn't have much free time >,>
21 January 2012 @ 08:51 am

highlights : 
- talk about Switch Girl and all the feelings of being a lead role.
- talk about Kiriyama Renn
- with who she wants to work with
"This time is an opportunity for me to shine, i would like to grow up with dramas and films. I want outlook the world."

A popular model Nishiuchi Mariya who is active in 「 SEVENTEEN」 was interviewed by Model Press at the backstage of Japan's largest fashion and music event at first gymnasium in Tokyo Yoyogi National Stadium, 「Girls Award 2011 AUTUMN/WINTER」.

Though that i don't have any relationship with boy,i want everyone to go kyun kyun.Collapse )

Source : here

12 November 2011 @ 07:11 pm
Hi, I'm sharing at my lj the debut single of Mirei-chan!
It's a CD with 3 songs, a photobook, and a DVD with a short making of of the photobook!
You can find it here :)

(and I'm not able to put the tag 'download: scans'.... why?? *hated by technology*)

apparently,Ayame was in Waratte iitomo's telephone shocking :D

I really enjoy it after allCollapse )